Who's Behind the Transformation?

Christie Shumate sitting with Jars

Why I do what I do.....

Several years ago, while nearing the age of 40, was feeling the need to "regain my youth". I found myself in a waiting room of a Plastic Surgeons office and began to thumb through a "Before & After" photo album. Thinking that I would be looking at different nose jobs, tummy tucks, lip enhancements, etc. imagine my surprise when I saw children! Children who had been born with facial defects appeared first, followed by adult men and women that had encountered tragedies such as house fires, car accidents, etc. Hearing my name called, I carried the photo album into the Surgeon’s office. Questioning him about the photos, he explained that during the Summer months, he would donate his time and expertise to travel to third world countries to help these people. Then he asked me the magic question: "Why are you here"? With a lump in my throat, I confessed to how humbled I was looking through those photos. Then, I answered his question..." I came here today willing to pay you to make me look better than perfect"...."These people are hoping that you can make them look somewhat normal".

That day changed my life. I too wanted to make a difference and give back. So, that day in my mind, Transformations Esthetics & Wellness was born!

Your purchases help.....

Through your purchases at Transformations, I have chosen to give 10% back to people, places and pets in need. Close to my heart is the Alzheimer’s Association and the Parkinson’s Foundation in memory of my mother and her husband.

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